User Voice - Only Offenders Can Stop Re-Offending

Cabinet Office report highlights User Voice

The Role of Third Sector Innovation: Personalisation of health and social care and services to reduce re-offending

By Cabinet Office Advisor on Third Sector Innovation, Rt. Hon. Anne McGuire MP

The Cabinet Office Advisor on Third Sector Innovation was appointed in November 2008 to advise the Prime Minister and Cabinet Office Ministers on the third sector’s potential contribution to the personalisation of public services.

The Advisor has made a series of recommendations to Cabinet Office Ministers and colleagues across Government. These recommendations focus on translating the potential of the third sector to personalise services into a reality, to help improve health and social care outcomes and reduce re-offending.

The report, published today, highlighted that: “The Advisor acknowledges that models of involvement and levels of service user control need to take into account the context in which the criminal justice system operates. However, there is scope to build on existing good practice to improve the way that offenders, ex-offenders, their families and victims of crime inform interventions and the Offender Management model. For example, User Voice is piloting Prison Councils in three prisons and providing a forum for discussion with prisoners on a wide range of issues.”