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Maidstone Prison Council election results

On 8 February staff and prisoners had the opportunity to vote for one of the 4 parties in their new Prison Council.

After months of training for prospective Council members and canvassing staff and prisoners, including the party spokesmen delivering speeches to the full staff meeting, it all came down to election day.

During the morning staff and prisoners voted in the Chapel in an authentic election process with ballot boxes and voting boths provided by the local Council's Democratic Services Team. After a tense wait for the votes to be counted the Chief Executive of the Council delivered the all important results.

60% of prisoners and 26% of staff voted. There are 20 seats on the Prison Council and the results were as follows:

  • Diversity & Equality – 9 Seats
  • Resettlement – 7 seats
  • Training & Education – 2 seats
  • Community & Environment – 2 Seats

Further details are available here.