User Voice - Only Offenders Can Stop Re-Offending

Building a Rehabilitation Culture

On March 24, Professor and Director of the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of at Queen’s Law University Belfast, Shadd Maruna gave a talk called “Creating a Rehabilitation Culture”. He cites User Voice as an illustration of his desistance theory in action.

In this talk, Shadd Maruna argues that desistance from crime necessitates the creation of a culture of rehabilitation. Successful rehabilitation must engage persons, families, communities and the state. He cites User Voice as an illustration of ex-offender led organisation building a culture of rehabilitation by its simple existence. Indeed, Maruna sees ex-offender led organisations like User Voice as living and breathing example of change.

If you would like to hear more about Shadd Maruna's ideas on ex-offender led organisation, User Voice and desistance from crime, check the video around 1:10 min.