User Voice - Only Offenders Can Stop Re-Offending

Validation at Level 1 on Nesta's Standards of Evidence!

User Voice is proud to announce that we have officially been validated at Level 1 on Nesta’s Standards of Evidence!

What are Standards of Evidence?
The purpose of the Standards is to identify a programme’s level of evidence according to a rigorous process and a clear, structured framework.

What is Level 1?
Reaching Level 1 on these Standards requires being able to provide a clear, coherent and convincing explanation of what our programme does, why it matters and how it will have an impact on our beneficiaries. Providing this convincing theoretical explanation of impact is vital in developing User Voice’s evidence base, as well as a prerequisite for effective evaluation going forward.

What comes next?
We now look forward to progressing beyond Level 1 on the Standards, through the evaluation currently being undertaken by leadingdesistance theorists that will show evidence of our programme’s impact.